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Bloomberg Innovation Delivery Teams

In 2011, Bloomberg Philanthropies awarded Louisville a $4.8 million grant to help bring innovation and breakthrough ideas to improve city services.  Louisville was one of five large cities to receive a grant, which will be matched by $1.6 million in local money. 

The money funds our Innovation Delivery Teams (IDTs), which works full-time with departments on problem solving to achieve the following goals:

  • Triage 30% of low severity calls out of the 911 EMS system over the next 3 years and 50% of low severity calls within 5 years
  • Increase live placement of "healthy adoptable" animals (adoptions, return-to-owners, transfers, fosters) to 90% within 5 years
  • Increase recycling by 25% within 3 years (by 2015) and divert 90% of metro solid waste away from the landfill within 30 years (i.e. 2042) through increased reduce-reuse-recycle
  • Reduce abandoned properties by 40% in 3 years and 67% in 5 years

Some of these goals are included in the Louisville Metro Government Six Year Strategic Plan and some are included in specific department-level plans (e.g., Metro Animal Services).